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2010-12-20, 02:54

Originally Posted by Bryson View Post
Server full! Oh noes!
FWIW, earlier today I ratcheted up the allowed simultaneous users from 5 to 7 and we still seem to be going along alright!

Originally Posted by theelmerguy View Post
Good thing you got that fire to stop, Brad! Was it hard getting to the end quickly enough to use the TNT?
I was running like a madman to try to get them out. And to make matters worse, I was running and laying down and igniting the TNT at night while being attacked by mobs in the total dark (because I was *ahead* of the flames, not in them). Terribly difficult and frightening since I didn't have a backup plan, but it worked!

Originally Posted by theelmerguy View Post
Also, I noticed some lights at the bottom of the map. Something like a fortress. Who's is that?
That's bbsky's "Mushroom Mountain".

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