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2011-02-01, 13:53

This conversation got me thinking. We should use the arena for deathmatches. I submit the following rules:

- Two men enter, one man leaves. You go in with no inventory.
- There will be 11 chests scattered across the arena, each containing a useful item. The items are: 2 stone swords, 1 iron sword, 2 leather chestplates, 1 iron chestplate, 2 bows w/ 3 arrows, 2 stacks of 10 arrows, and 1 bucket of lava.
- In addition, there will be 20 blocks of TNT scattered around the arena.
- All TNT and chests will be covered with gravel. You have to dig up the items and risk hitting TNT when you do.
- Spectators are encouraged to place bets. Iron, diamonds, lapis, clay, whatever you want to bet.

If there's no objection I'll set it up. Obviously if I set it up I can't duel, since I would know where the good items are.... so, do we have two volunteers?

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