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2011-04-05, 12:28

Everyone should build as much in Bridgeport as possible! Build whatever you want and I'll take care of the pathing logistics. But I will say that the closer buildings are together, the cooler the alleyways between them will be. I also think that every player should build at least one structure in Bridgeport so it's a cool mix of all our different styles in one place.

I think the bigger and more city-like we make Bridgeport, the cooler it will be. We should just keep expanding and expanding (both outwards and upwards) until it's a bustling metropolis

If nobody objects, as part of my public beautification project, I was going to build a teeny little park in the center of Bridgeport where all the paths will meet. (I'll save iJaks wooden tombstone, of course.) Speaking of paths, should we perhaps hold a vote for the material? In the new town hall? I'd like to get started on them today or tomorrow.

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