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2011-04-05, 20:04

Originally Posted by RowdyScot View Post
I need to scope around for an open lot in Bridgeport. Maybe I'll build a gay bar. LOL!
You should build a leather bar and have chests full of leather armour at the entrance so people can obey the dress code.

With the Post office, dare I make a major suggestion? (Please don't be angry...) But maybe: we could do a combined project where we also move the Exchange to Bridgeport in the same building. Maybe even theme it as a Shopping Mall. I don't think the current exchange gets that much traffic where it is, and it has lots of empty chests right now. I don't know if we need 6 double chests of "ores and rarities" for example...
My thought being, that it would drive traffic through Bridgeport town. Thoughts?

The White House would probably work for both if we put in a second floor. All we need is one double chest and a 3x2x3 room per person. We can always go DOWN, to the bunker.

I'm actually kind of excited about building in Bridgeport again and once more taking up residence at Castle Bryson. I'll probably spruce that up in my spare time, too.

Finally, I'm pleased to report that primary construction on the Library is complete now. I need to do some interior fitout with shelves and furniture, but it's basically done! I'll trash the tree/cactus/sugarcane farms soon and landscape a little around it. (And the bell is far from done, but Iron blocks are expensive!) Go look if you're out by Kitty Hawk sometime.