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2013-09-01, 00:35

Surprise! Two weeks later, my ridiculous labors are complete. What could it possibly be?! It's a McDuck money bin, of course!

It's not quite like the old Bridgeport money bin that I made years ago (I can hardly believe we've been at this game for years). This one is much larger, and it has a far more interesting interior, IMO. In fact, as I've been building it, I've come up with a small list of challenges to show off its features. Some of these are pretty easy, but some may take some looking around. Please don't try to cheat by building or removing anything to solve these. Making changes like that will likely break things. You can solve all of these by normal means.

McDuck Money Bin Challenges!
  • Find the furnace room on the maintenance floor
  • Use the restroom
  • Enter the private vault elevator and dive into the gold vault
  • Gain access to the roof
  • Climb atop the dome's $ and breathe in the fresh, high-altitude air
  • Jump from the ledge of the roof into the front garden waterfall
  • Find the cursed, corrupted treasure room
  • Find the forbidden treasure of the Great Duckenkhamun
  • Escape from the corrupted treasure room (if you think you're stuck, you can always "/back" out)
The doors to the bin are still closed at the moment, and I was thinking of having a grand opening tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon around 5 PM Eastern. I've built fireworks launchers into the dome (and cheated in a crapton of pretty rockets), and I plan to set them off when I open the place up.

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