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2013-09-02, 19:04

Dellphi, iJak and myself took on the challenge!

We did all the stuff on the list!
  • Find the furnace room on the maintenance floor
  • Use the restroom
  • Enter the private vault elevator and dive into the gold vault
  • Gain access to the roof
  • Climb atop the dome's $ and breathe in the fresh, high-altitude air
  • Jump from the ledge of the roof into the front garden waterfall
  • Find the cursed, corrupted treasure room
  • Find the forbidden treasure of the Great Duckenkhamun
  • Escape from the corrupted treasure room (if you think you're stuck, you can always "/back" out)

Here are some screenshots I thought to grab.

Gallery Link <--- SEVEN IMAGES


But we have questions.

Spoiler (click to toggle):

What do the levers and buttons do inside the corrupted treasure room???
NOTHING happened and we couldn't find WHAT they were operating, though we DID hear noises

I misjudged my jump, but Jak nailed it and Dell nearly nailed it


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