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2015-10-24, 15:34

So I need a new A1322 battery for an A1278 MBP 13". Apple wants $130 for parts and labor. iFixit wants $100 for battery and tools. I've seen some as low as ~$25 on Amazon that have horrible reviews. Somewhere in there is a good price for a good battery. I don't need the tools because I already have the trip-lobe special one needed for the batteries. In fact, I'm not even sure why Apple used the trip-lobe because the replacement of a battery is so simple that anyone who can turn a screwdriver can do it.

Anyway, anyone know a solid aftermarket battery that I can get? This one in Mrs T's MBP budged and might have also messed up her trackpad. Still trying to figure out if the trackpad is gone and I have to replace it too. No AppleCare needless to say.

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