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2015-10-28, 14:01

Yeah, I was hoping to get some others who have gone before m on this one. I hate that I'm completely capable of making changes and upgrades to my equipment but forced to pay the designer for them to do it. There are like three screws to remove and a connector for these batteries. They charge $30 or so in labor.

So then you look through Amazon and see a company like Anker making a replacement battery for $55 and figure how bad can it be?

Then I called my local Mac shop to see if they would sell me the battery only and they won't because Apple won't let them. I have to pay them $170 for them to make the swap. Needless to say, they agreed with me going to the Apple Store to have it done.

There has to be a better way for someone with the right tools, skills and knowledge to make this kind of basic change.

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