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2015-11-07, 01:36

Originally Posted by RowdyScot View Post
Guarantee that was "dropped" intentionally to have such an effect. And with full support of the manager, I'd wager.
I want so bad to believe this is the case. I really do and so I'm going to go with it. I tried reading his body language as he told me and it didn't come off like it was intentional at all, but maybe he's good at it by now.

Given your knowledge of the organization, I'll go with your assessment.

On another note, I was given the chance to try an aftermarket battery for my 17" MBP and was horrified. The seller sent the first one that didn't work at all. No registering on the battery meter on the side of the case nor when powered on and plugged in. The seller sent me a second one and it would only work when the MagSafe was plugged in. Not a very good battery when it reads 87% but dies as soon as it's unplugged. Needless to say, this helped me choose Apple for the battery replacement. My MBP is back on it's original battery and I was refunded my money for the crappy thing I bought off of Amazon.

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