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2018-05-12, 08:48

What happened to the best forum on The Internet? You go away for seven years... and... well, things are supposed wait for you... stay the same, so that when you come back, you won't have a mid-life crisis.

This is eerie. I almost would have preferred one of those "this domain is for sale" pages. Like, "OK, that was before. Now is now. Everybody moved on." It looks like people do still post sporadically. Maybe it'll come back. It's just a little break.

Is it because Apple won? There's no more feeling of comraderie? You want to discuss Apple and stuff? Look to your left, that person in the room with you most likely has a bunch of Apple devices and opinions.

Can you imagine how silly it would have seemed, back in the day, to post something like: "I predict that by 2016 Apple will be the largest company in the world! No, wait - the largest company that's ever been!" Preach on, brother!

Is it time for MicrosoftNova? I'm trying hard to think of any product I own that Microsoft makes. Nope. I use Windows 10... in a VirtualBox... on my Mac... rarely.

I missed this forum's smilies. They're the best.