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2019-03-18, 16:56

Apple updated iPads today.

@709 - The new iPad Mini looks like something good (finally). A bit like an iPhone Xr with an 8" screen.

A12 Bionic
Retina Display
8mp camera
Apple Pencil support

Looks like your cup of cider!

What they did with the iPad Air is simply … Amazing!

What they did, you see, now get this, amazing!

What they did is (wowzers), you see, they took the iPad Pro 10.5", removed 2 speakers, updated the processor, lowered the price, and (tsk tsk) renamed it "iPad Air".


The creative genius is incredible!

It's a better price point, but otherwise it's a product I just can't find a customer for.

I don't know. I guess for another $170 (over the iPad) you get a slightly bigger screen with a faster refresh rate and a better processor.

The new Mini is a good update, and long overdue. The thing is finally something worth stocking, again. The new Air is, well, underwhelming. It's just a rebranded 2nd generation iPad Pro with a lower price. The thing is, the base iPad still does everything the new iPad Air does, but with a slower processor. Granted, the screen is better (a lot better?) and there is a pretty big difference in the processor. However, it kind of sits in the same space as the 2017 13" MacBook Pro. It's just not "better" enough. The 2018 iPad is so good at its price it's hard to justify anything else unless you're a creative, and then the 2018 iPad Pro is so much better that you are better off springing for it than settling for the middle ground.

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