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2019-03-18, 17:11

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Apple updated iPads today.

@709 - The new iPad Mini looks like something good (finally). ... Looks like your cup of cider!
It is, I think, but some of the decisions made here are a bit befuddling to me. Maybe I don't understand the tech well enough, but why isn't the Pencil v2 compatible with this brand new thing? Why doesn't it have USB-C instead of lightning? I appreciate the headphone jack, don't get me wrong, but again, why? If that 'old' tech isn't good enough for the newest phones (and 'Pro' iPads) then why is it still included in the newest iPad? There just seems to be a lot of easy enough to implement things (software-wise as well!) that just aren't.

This is an eternal fucking thing, it feels like, under Tim Cook. Go count the fucking beans somewhere else and put a visionary (if Apple has any left) in charge of product. As a life-long Apple fan and consumer, it's frustrating.

edit: [ aha. you added snark in afterwards... ]

So it goes.