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2019-06-11, 11:57

Originally Posted by Fahrenheit View Post
But why though?
Some things are worth fighting for. If you had a bunch of friends coming over to your house, and then they stop coming over, do you let the weeds take over or burn the house down? No! You figure out why the friends stopped coming over and try to fix that. Was it because they didn't like you? Then figure out why and either stand your ground or fix it. Is it because they found new, rich friends to hang out with? Time to get some new friends! But, torch the house? Hell no!

Originally Posted by Fahrenheit View Post
If the important thing was the community of members, why did everyone disappear?
We're pretty sure there are two reasons:

1) People don't feel that Apple is "exciting" anymore
2) Social media

I think it has more to do with the second option than the first. Social media is easier.

Originally Posted by Fahrenheit View Post
The site isn't a money making venture, so why not just let it slip away if that's what is going to happen?
Not all websites have to make money. Around here it isn't about that. And just because something does not make money is no reason to "let it slip away".

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Perhaps make a whatsapp group if there are people you want to stay in touch with, or even a subreddit if you wish to remain anonymous?
I have no intention of letting social media scrape me off. If AN dies, it and its culture cannot be replaced with ad-driven slop! The very purpose of this thread is trying to sort out how we can keep exactly those things from happening. Obviously, there are a few of us left who prefer this avenue. And, no, I will not use Whatsapp. It's owned by Facebook, so no way!

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