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2019-06-27, 18:29

Gruber has a take. It's… quite something:

There’ve been rumors for years that Ive had one foot out the door, that his last real interest at Apple was designing Apple Park, not Apple products.
Yeah, I forgot about that. It does seem like he got bored of computer hardware design and took a stab at architecture. The result doesn't seem bad, but also may have stalled plenty of other important developments at Apple for years.

But in the post-Jobs era, with all of Apple design, hardware and software, under his control, we’ve seen the software design decline and the hardware go wonky. I don’t know the inside the story, but it certainly seems like a good bet that MacBook keyboard fiasco we’re still in the midst of is the direct result of Jony Ive’s obsession with device thinness and minimalism.
(How funny would it be if there's a direct correlation of internal conversations between "the first reports of failing 2019 MacBook Pro keyboards appear to be in" and "that's it, we're done with this crap. You've been promising over and over that it's really fixed now promise pinky swear and it just isn't"?)

This organizational structure makes no sense to me.
It depends a lot on how hands-off Jeff Williams will be. Part of the problem with the previous structure, IMHO, was this idea that industrial design and human interface design are closely related skills that can both report to Ive. We're still seeing the effects of that misguided notion in weird decisions like an iPhone-style time picker in a Mac app.

If we're lucky, this new structure is really saying: yeah, they're both design, but they're distinct teams.

Perhaps this is more of a case of Jeff's title being a poor choice.