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2019-07-01, 09:42

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Complicated story.

"The bean counters have taken over" may be part of it, but… not necessarily that big a part. Here's another quote:

Imagine having a job so cushy you can make millions and still complain to a newspaper that you're "deeply tired". Takes a fair amount of hubris.

There's a certain risk we'll have several years of MBA- and business analyst™-optimized "designs". There's also a real chance we'll end up with a new team of designers who actually want to do the job they're paid for.
Certainly a complicated story and not trying to paint the bean counter taking over as the sole reason.

How do we interpret that deeply tired remark? Getting burned out? Burned out how? Workload related? Creatively related? Getting tired of designing electronics and want to go into a different sector?