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2019-07-02, 00:52

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Edit: Well, this is interesting. Tim Cook is calling the WSJ article "absurd" and says it is a total fabrication.

Let's say that Tim Cook is calling it straight. If so, then where in the hell are these "reporters" getting their information? Is it just dreamed up in the middle of the night? Is their "source" a mole who is trying to discredit Apple? Or perhaps the WSJ? Does anyone do their homework?
That’s not how I read that. Key sentence: “A lot of the reporting, and certainly the conclusions just don’t match with reality.”

Which I would imagine is partially true: some reporting will be exaggerated, remembered incorrectly, painted (inadvertently or not) in a particular light. And for the conclusions, we’ll, the author seems to have a predefined narrative he’s trying to fit.

One example. The author argues that the lack of Jony Ive White Room video at this year’s WWDC shows that something was amiss in the relationship. It’s true that no video was shown, but:

• one was in fact produced with him talking about the Mac Pro
• there were very few videos at all at this keynote, presumably because it was already quite packed and long
• WWDC is not primarily (and sometimes not at all) about hardware, but with few exceptions (iOS 7’s UI design language comes to mind), Ive videos are. An event like the annual iPhone event or an iPad or Mac introduction makes more sense for this assertion.

It just seems like too easy an attempt at a hit piece.