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2009-06-20, 00:47

Originally Posted by scratt View Post
We are actually on hourly packages in Thailand. So the poll doesn't work for me at all! It's something which I've never quite understood as it's in theory an "always on" connection.. but I am assuming we just have to trust the network to time the actual time that data transfer is occurring over. The upshot of that is that if the connection is slow we get charged for more time, but less data!!

Then there was the weirdness when the 3G first launched here and I ended up with 700+ hour bills, on a 50 hour package, before I beat the shit verbally out of educated the "techs" at my phone company.

Normally, my phone will use about 50 hours each month (according to my bill), which costs me a grand total of $4!

As for data transfer my iPhone actually tells me that since the 26/09/2008 I have sent 9.6MB and received 53.1MB over the cellular networks.

I have no idea on Wifi, but like Brad I am always near a Wifi connection, and the iPhone even hops from one to the next in cabs in Bangkok quite efficiently.
Very interesting. Is there an unlimited plan, how much is it?