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2021-08-12, 11:12

Hi, guys!

So, my daughter, Jessyka, is in her second year as a 1st grade teacher. Some of you have had the pleasure of playing Minecraft with her on the AN server, where she is known as Grendagle7, and many of those have had the added pleasure of watching her destroy me with weapons and words. She's sharp—and I think that's a pun!

As some of you know, getting supplies and other such things can be difficult for teachers. She quite literally has to supply all of her own fun projects and supplies, and it can get expensive.

She teaches 1st grade at Mosaics Charter School in Caldwell, Idaho, which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM), and the school has a focus on underprivileged kids who don't normally get opportunities in such an environment (and boy-howdy, are they a PITA! ).

Anyway, she just posted her first grant request, and did it through Donors Choose, an online organization that helps teachers with grants, and they will match any donation (from Bill Gates) at 1.5x. If you can support her classroom, I know she and her students would be grateful. All donations are private if you choose so.

Here is her statement from the website:

My Students

I have the pleasure of working with a wonderful and diverse demographic of students. We are working to bring a STEAM education to underprivileged students who would not normally have the option. Our goal is to help them discover what they are capable of and give them the tools to then use these skills to give back to their community.

My students are excited to use their unique skills to complete projects using a STEAM framework to understand and serve our community.

In the past, we have completed projects to support our local humane society and are hoping to find other ways to contribute to others. My students are creative, hardworking, innovative, and love to know that they have done something to help others. Many of them have not had the opportunities they deserve in life but they continue to astound me with their resilience and determination.

My Project

Our students focus on using STEAM strategies to solve real-world problems and find ways to make a difference in our community. We regularly give students problems to solve using various materials and tools. Engineering toys give students opportunities to have choices and challenges in solving problems such as designing bridges, protective barriers, and simple machines. They also allow students to test their designs and make modifications using the data they collect. When my students use tools such as these, they are engaged and learn to work as a team.

By donating to our project, you will help my students to have access to better engineering tools to build their critical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

We believe that students who have these skills are better able to contribute to their communities and solve the problems they will face in the future.
Thanks in advance.

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