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2011-03-14, 13:13

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Who actually attaches even just a dozen USB devices? I don't see that much.
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Years ago, when USB started showing up in Macs and we were hearing about the 127-device limit), I doodled a little single-panel cartoon (wish I could find it) of a guy sitting in his room, staring at the viewer with a huge, self-satisfied grin, completely surrounded (basically buried) by multiple beige and Bondi-colored USB-based hubs, printers, scanners, Zip and floppy drives, keyboards, mice, hard drives, pencil sharpener, blender, a hair dryer, etc.

The caption was something like "William, being the type who always has to see things for himself, just successfully added item #127 to his home office." I was kinda going for a Far Side vibe.

Got passed around some likeminded buddies for an iChuckle.

I guess you had to see it...all the stuff stacked and piled everywhere, to the ceiling, and the cables spaghetti'd all over the place, with just one smiling face barely poking out of it all in the lower middle.