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2011-03-14, 17:39

Originally Posted by Frank777 View Post
I get that Chucker, but this thread is premised on a USB vs. Thunderbolt smackdown.

Device support is the only real area where USB handily beats TB. I think if one prevails over the other, that will be a factor.
This thread is pointless. USB 3.0 will replace USB 2.0 where applicable. Thunderbolt will replace USB 2.0 where applicable. One is extremely cheap to implement and provides direct/convenient backward compatibility. The other has massive potential throughput.

The only thing that will kill USB 3.0 is time. We're not going to see Thunderbolt mice, keyboards, consumer audio devices, dongles, monitor calibration tools, etc. any time soon. Those devices are still going to need some sort of USB port, and we know that USB 3.0 is being incorporated very cheaply on system boards thanks to NEC/Renesas. Intel (Panther Point) and AMD (900 series) both have USB 3.0 built-in.