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2007-06-21, 07:00

Thanks for the ideas. I have to use lots of spreadsheets throughout documents to do elaborate calculations and why tables are no good.

What you describe, though, is what I want to avoid- cutting and pasting, etc. Contrast this with Word 2003 or 2007 for windows where there is a button on the word toolbar, I click it and its immediately inserts a blank spreadsheet IN the document and when I modify it it is in the document and stays with it. I resize it, modify it, etc., in the document, which is much easier, much faster, etc.

However, with Word 2004, I have to create a spreadsheet outside a document and save it and then insert it, or copy it and paste it. These extra steps may not sound like much, but I challenge anyone to do one fourth as fast as I can with Word 2007 or 2003.

I want to use and move to the MAC and am trying to figure out if there is a way to do this similarly. If not, I may just have to park the MacBook Pro until the new office 2008 comes out in the fall and hope it has a similar capability.

I also tried NeoOffice and OpenOffice, but it looks like they have the same limitations. Any other ideas?

The other option I have is to use Parallels and Office 2007. I have done that and it works fine, but it involves a little hassle.

Any ideas appreciated as I want to move permanently to the Mac.