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2016-08-15, 17:28

Originally Posted by alcimedes View Post
So, I have no idea what I'm really doing, but here's what it looks like now. The camera can't take a shot with the blues on, so I turned them off for the four side shots.

I've been going a bit slowly since I'm new to the hobby, but got the lights done this weekend.

I'd plumbed the sump but after an hour found some very slow leaks on my connections, so fixed those up and will give it another shot after work. Once the sump is hooked up the heater and wavemakers will come out.

Side 1:

Side 2:

Side 3:

Side 4:

I haven't hooked up the skimmer yet, need to get a proper sized pump for it and then that should be ready to go.

If anyone feels up to helping me ID some hitchhikers, I've posted in the Reef Central forum a few days back and haven't heard anything yet. Just wanted to verify whether or not some of the new critters should stay or go, but didn't see a specific place for that.

Happy to take any advice on rock placements too.
Reef Central is kind of the Appleinsider of reef forums. You might have better luck on Reef2Reef.

Best bet for taking pics with the blue LEDs is to play with your white balance or use gel filters.

Things are looking good.

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