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2019-07-09, 11:26

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Theoretically, we're color blind in here. Yet, if we passed each other in an empty hallway we wouldn't have a clue who the other was. That said, I think "friend" might have a different meaning "in here" than "out there".

Serious question: Are invisible internet "friends" the same as visible IRL "friends"? I'm not sure they are, and I think I'll have a difficult time articulating that. I suppose it's why it can be so easy for people who posted on this board for 15-ish years to just walk away and never post again.
For me, it wasn’t so much that I “walked away” (Applenova is still at the top of my bookmark list of social sites, and I still check it somewhat regularly), it’s that the conversation dried up. Well, conversations that’d I want join in on, I mean. (This is not a slight against Applenova or anyone here... there’s not a ton of stuff that I like to “nerd out” about, and the topics haven’t come up in a while, that’s all)

When I was a kid, people who did wrong were punished, restricted, and forbidden. Now, when someone does wrong, all of the rest of us are punished, restricted, and forbidden... and the one who did the wrong is counselled and "understood" and fed ice cream.