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2004-10-25, 16:10

Naw, I think Third Party Products is fine. Consoles involve gaming, which is also in the realm of computers. They involve computer companies (Sony and Microsoft in particular), the gaming industry is closely linked to the computer industry, and there's always online console gaming.

There were rumors quite a while back about the XBox 2 using dual 3 GHz G5s or something like that. Apparently MS had a bunch of G5s they're using to write software for it. Beyond that, I really don't know. Console gaming always has a ton of hype associated with it. I doubt we'll see an XBox 2 very soon. GameCube 2 is more likely I think - Nintendo already has the DS on the way, and the GameCube is so efficient with what hardware it has (~450 MHz G3 and a Radeon 7500-like graphics processor). MS may need the latest and greatest stuff to power the XBox 2, but Nintendo could probably make an excellent replacement for the GameCube using technology that is relatively cheap today.