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2004-10-29, 16:10

Okay. I have a problem with my car. I had a leak in the seal of the sunroof and apparently it's been there for a while. I didn't notice until last week when I backed out and water poured from the ceiling. Anyway, the leak's been fixed but the back floorboard is wet underneath. The carpet is pretty much dry, but when I push on the floorboard there's a squish. It's like a damn waterbed back there. I've searched all around and tried to find a good way to get the carpet up, but I can't find one......

So, there are two small holes under the front seat where I think I'll feed a small hose hooked to a small pump to try and pump the water out. What do you guys recommend at getting out the water and moisture if that doesn't work? I going to go later and buy some DampRid and see if that does anything. My car's really starting to smell mildewy.

The sooner I can get this dry and smelling better, the sooner I can trade it in. Any suggestions?

Btw, it's a 2000 VW... nothing but problems..don't get one.