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Mr. Farmiga
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2021-10-06, 10:17

YouTube never used to show as many ads as they do now, and they never used to bust in, mid-video, to run them. That, and a half-dozen other reasons, are why I barely even fool with them anymore.

I wish there was a solid alternative. Vimeo is hit-or-miss and I'm not looking to throw in with anyone whose leanings - left or right - serves as their calling card or "why we exist". In a perfect world, I never know the politics/stances of anyone or any outfit.

I just want to see some guitar, painting, woodworking, tiny house, etc. videos without all the bullshit and shtick.

Getting harder and harder to do so via YouTube without running an obstacle course.

The full-time YouTuber/influencer type is beyond grating, their entire approach/persona. If I want to see a bunch of smug millennials/Gen-Z types taking forever to get to their point, saying "like" every fourth word and trying to be funny and/or edgy (and failing miserably at both), I'll simply drive downtown to the UTC campus and hang out in the quad for an hour or, and no ads.