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Mr. Farmiga
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2021-11-15, 11:13

Been asking/wondering that for ages. I touch type as well (fast as hell, too; I’d make somebody a great secretary/transcription monkey ), but occasionally I do have to look at a function key or one of those rarely-used keys apart from the primary, familiar letters/numbers. Working dim, as I often do, it would be nice to see those lit up. Especially on a standalone, desktop keyboard that is typically farther away from a glowing notebook display (I’d argue that a MacBook needs this feature less than a standalone keyboard, as there’s a big glowing screen already present on a notebook, nicely lighting the keyboard area). The only times I’ve truly wanted/needed glowing keys have been while using an iMac or Mac mini, where the keyboard may be 18-24” or more away from the display and/or on a lower, under-desk/in-shadow keyboard shelf!

Hellloooo, Apple?

Yeah, I would’ve wagered my left something that the new M1 iMacs would’ve sported this feature back in April.

I figured Apple would’ve offered a nice aluminum “lightboard” for years now.

But we got several years of iPod socks, so…

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