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Mr. Farmiga
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2021-11-24, 20:59

My Mom got all her stuff Friday and I just talked to my Dad and he got his Monday (he loves to cook the big Thanksgiving stuff, and he does make the best, tastiest turkey I've ever had; his turkey is really about the only turkey I eat).

But a lot of people, based on what I saw tonight, like to get everything the day before. Maybe they start cooking tonight and just wanted everything as fresh as possible.

While the joint was a zoo, I do have to hand it to Food Lion for actually calling in extra employees and having a good 7-8 checkout lanes open vs. their normal 1-2. It was crowded and hectic, but it looked like lines were moving and no one line was too long or crazy. That was nice to see. I think they're open until 11pm, so they'll be wrapping up in about two hours and those employees can all go home and drink a beer and soak in a hot bath. They probably had a crazy, non-stop day!