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2005-02-15, 17:00

Originally Posted by 709
OK. This I don't get. Say the GUI scales up (and I'm assuming that every app scales accordingly (I know, I know)) to a certain 'usable' resolution on an LCD with a fixed ppi of 100-150. Why? Why not just get a lower res screen where the resolution is comfortable and crisp? It's a nice thought and all, but, to me anyways, reeks of 'look what I can do'...and in a daily use environment isn't very practical at all. Maybe I'm just being dense here.
If your GUI is scalable (we're talking physical display size not "resolution" here) independent of your screen resolution then yes, more PPI = "more crisp". It wouldn't be a gimmick or anything. More pixels you have to display one inch of screen, the more clear and crisp it becomes. Same thing like if you print a 72 dpi web image vs a 300 dpi print-ready image. The 300 dpi will be dramatically better. It's not about being "practical" (we can obviously get by with 100ppi just fine as is) its about advancing technology.

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