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Refurb MacBooks showing up in the refurb store!

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Refurb MacBooks showing up in the refurb store!
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Mr. Farmiga
Join Date: May 2004
2008-12-30, 13:00

I think this is a recent development (I've not noticed them before, and I check the refurb section 2-3 times a week, religiously).

Anyway, I see where current-generation MacBooks (aluminum, black and glass, with the nVidia graphics and DisplayPort) are now popping up in the refurb section of Apple's online store, going for $1,099 and $1,399 ($200 off the new prices of $1,299 and $1,599).

Seemed like the kind of thing many here might want to know, because those are really sweet machines (even without FireWire, which I'm pretty much over now ).

If anyone is still sitting on their $100 iPhone credit from last year (or got any sort of $100 Apple gift card for Christmas), that's a current-gen, sexy aluminum MacBook for $999! Pretty damn nice, if you ask me (I didn't expect to see these new aluminum MacBooks show up in the refurb section for another couple months, to be honest; they still seem so new and "just out").

Go grab 'em while they're hot!

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can't read sarcasm.
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Toronto, Canada
2008-12-30, 13:29

Yeah, I saw that and it's making me think twice about picking up the refurbished MBP 15" 2.4 for $1349 (when available).

I know they're different beasts, and in many ways the MBP is a better value.
But I really like the sturdy unibody and portability of the MB. However, I don't like the screen so much.
I also have a $75 credit towards I'm itching to buy one.
Mr. Farmiga
Join Date: May 2004
2008-12-30, 13:37

Quick question: they do sell DisplayPort-to-whatever adapters connectors for the bazillions of people out there who don't (and won't ever) have that one 24" Apple LED display, right?

If someone already has a 20" display (DVI or VGA) that they like (Apple or third-party), and they get one of these new MacBooks, they can connect the two, correct?

I guess I could go look at the accessories section and quit asking stupid questions...

Formerly “adambrennan”
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Northern Ireland
2008-12-30, 13:57

Yep they do. I picked up a Mini-DP -> VGA adapter when I bought my MacBook 2 days after release.
Banging the Bottom End
Join Date: Jun 2004
2008-12-30, 14:10

I find myself watching my wife use my plasti-MB more and more often instead of using it myself. I'd like to get my own laptop and reconfigure the white one to be hers, but (I know no one wants to hear it but) I need FireWire. At this point, it's the only thing keeping me from a new Apple laptop.

Well, that and the 10th anniversary ring I bought the missus for Christmas.
Mr. Farmiga
Join Date: May 2004
2008-12-30, 20:18

...annnnndddddd they're gone.
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