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Cataloging a bunch of records

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Cataloging a bunch of records
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2021-04-04, 14:12

It looks like I might end up with a bunch of records (in the range of hundreds to thousands of LPs) from my father in law, and was wondering if there's a good program to catalog them and make the collection easily searchable. Back in the day Delicious Library was the hot new program for this sort of task, but it doesn't look like it's seen a major upgrade in a while and is missing features like syncing between computers. Anyone out there using Delicious Library, or an alternative program?
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2021-04-05, 10:02

I used to use it and you can make it sync if you use something like storing in iCloud/Dropbox/OneDrive etc... You just can't open in multiple locations at the same time. So basically you have it open, do your thing and save/close it. Then you are free to open it on a different computer after it has synced. Not elegant, but worked well with Dropbox like that for me.

As for something modern... I stopped using it for many of the same reasons I'm sure they stopped developing it. I don't really get CDs and maintain a library anymore. I get a disk, rip to lossless and forget the disk from there. I am interested though if someone knows of a good option for today though. There are plenty of things it would be cool to have logged like that. I miss Bento for that general home DB use.

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