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2004-07-17, 21:55

Hi, I realize this is pretty pathetic and I'll get flamed but I'm going to try anyway. I'll be going to college in late August and my family is broke and I cannot find any jobs. I could really use some money to buy a new computer that I will need. If anyone can spare anything, please send whatever you can to osxdot2 [at] via PayPal. Thank you! All donations will be greatly appreciated.

(If Karyn can do it, I figured it's worth a shot )
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2004-07-17, 23:09

I just visited that Karyn site - what a concept! She got her credit card debt (in excess of $20000) paid off by using more of "your money" than her own. And now she has written a book about it - to cash in a bit more, I presume!

She's certainly milking "her market" for what she can.

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2004-07-17, 23:10

It is easy to find a job in this country. I have never not gotten hired on the spot, after the interview. I am talking about hourly and tip wage jobs. Call employers back, they most likely will not call you. They are very busy. We all need money, especially if you go to photography school and tuition is $22,000 a year, with no help from the parents. It takes a lot of work on all levels.

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2004-07-17, 23:28

And if you already have a computer, even an old and crappy one, you probably don't "need" one for college. I had a fairly good computer going into school, but there were a few times when I didn't have one available for about a week at a time, and I was able to get by without owning one. I just used the computer labs - checked my email online, wrote my papers and stored them on my FTP server (the one my school GAVE me, hopefully they give you one as well), and printed pages for 5-10 cents apiece when necessary. Although having your own computer helps a lot, you can still get by without one IF your school has a 24-hour computer lab somewhere. The 24-hour part is important, by the way, if you're anything like me and most other college kids...
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2004-07-18, 01:36

Well, I'll jump on the flame train. . .

Dude, it bothers the hell out of me when a bum asks for change. And even more so when street youth (yes there is a major homeless youth problem here in Toronto) stops me on the sidewalk along Queen St. asking if I "wanna have a good time...". So you can't expect me to be jumping at the chance to 'donate' my hard earned cash just because you failed at life.

Get a fucking job, loser.

Shit, you can't pass off that "I can't find any jobs" crap. . . I mean, job hunting sucks but if you need a job, you can find one. Flip fucking burgers for god sake, or start cutting grass door to door. (or maybe a lemmonade stand would be in your ballpark, child)

Grow up and stop feeding off of other peoples good morals. . . it's little shits like you that make this world so depressing.

PS, someone please kill this thread, lock it, delete it, whatever. . .

no sig, how's that for being a rebel!

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2004-07-18, 01:51

When bum ask me for a dollar, I usually reply with something like. "I have a $50k debt, can you spare me a dollar?"

Internet begging, a new low

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2004-07-18, 10:09

This is probably enough. You're not going to get any money from people, and you'll just start a flame war in the process.

Use a computer lab and get a job.
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