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New iMac coming. Stick with CS2 or upgrade?

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New iMac coming. Stick with CS2 or upgrade?
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Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Boston
2008-07-22, 18:48

The time has come to retire my G4 dual 867 tower. I am thinking of the 20" iMac 2.66Mhz as its replacement. I will use external drives as storage, and enjoy the quiet of the iMac. (The tower sounds like a truck.)

My question has to do with Adobe Creative Suite. I am not in love with CS2 and am wondering if an upgrade to CS3 is in order, too. Will CS2 run in Leopard? Is CS3 significantly better than CS2?

I primarily use Illustrator (90%) and InDesign (10%)

Selfish Heathen
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Zone of Pain
2008-07-22, 19:02

CS2 does run on Leopard.

I used Photoshop CS3 on a loaner machine for a few weeks while my laptop was in the shop and I was unimpressed with it. I'm only a light/moderate PS user, but I found nothing in it to be enticing over CS2 (or CS1 for that matter).

I can't speak for Illustrator or InDesign, though.

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2008-07-22, 19:26

CS3 isn't that much better then CS2. The major reason to get it is, it's a UB. Unlike CS2 which only runs using rosetta on a Intel Mac.
Mr. Farmiga
Join Date: May 2004
2008-07-22, 19:35

Yeah, I'm still using CS1 at home on my PowerBook.

If I had an Intel machine, I'd want CS3 just for the full, optimal compatibility and so that things aren't running in emulation or whatever. I may or may not actually notice it, but, in my mind, I'd feel better about it all. I'd feel like things are running and working at their fullest, and I just like that. It's comforting.

When I finally upgrade to a new Mac, I'll also be upgrading my Adobe CS software (or, at the very least, the CS3 Illustrator since that's all I really want to use or pursue freelance work with at this point). But it's less for the features (I'm not someone who gloms on to the latest marquee features and wears them out anyway) than for the native Intel compatibility. But that's just me...
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: At home
2008-07-22, 20:21

CS4 will be awsome... ugh... I think ?!?

Even with CS3 being UB, I still find it slow. I was about to say that there's no difference between CS2 and CS3 but it's been a while since I used CS2, so. Let's hope CS4 will be quicker to launch. Serious, on my Mac Pro it's the slowest application after Office For Mac 2008.

Features wise, the upgrade isn't worth it. Speed wise... maybe. You should wait for CS4, probably released this year, if you really want to upgrade.

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Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Boston
2008-07-23, 06:43

Thanks everyone. I didn't realize CS4 was due so soon. I guess I should wait, especially since CS2 will run on Leopard. (Thanks Brad.)

Adobe's pricing is fried. To upgrade to CS3 from CS2 is $399, but if I buy the Mac with an education discount, the full version is only $299.

I've owned Illustrator since version 3. I think the high water mark was version 8 running OS 9. Apple's groove is its claim to "innovation" but it is clear that developers who build complex applications have trouble keeping up with the shifting sands. While I get frustrated with Adobe's pricing, the registration, the program and how they treat users, it isn't completely their fault.

Well, the registration scheme is. It is the most pathetic thing I have EVER experienced. I was going to buy the full version just to avoid the upgrade nightmare, and save the $100. Transferring the registration will undoubtedly be a blast. :-( My drive died, so I will be doing a fresh install of an upgrade that will require a new activation without the ability to de-activate the original machine. I'm expecting hell.
Mr Ten
Join Date: Oct 2005
2008-07-23, 15:50

i like cs3 more, just feels cleaner and quicker, much quicker, IMO, especially native on the Intel. I have a desktop dual 2.0ghz g5 and a black macbook Intel, both with cs3, the laptop flies compared to the desktop. But, ask yourself if its worth a $600 upgrade to you. It's really not THAT worth it but with the upgrade I got some other apps too, so it's just "good to have" but certainly not crucial. CS2 emulated was a pain, I'm glad to be past that.
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Boston
2008-07-23, 20:31

It turns out that I will have to jump through hoops to de-authorize my old computer, since the drive is dead. I am thinking the upgrade to CS3 will be worth it. It is normally a $400 upgrade, or $600 for an academic full version, but I can get the academic full version for $300, because it is on special with the Mac (only.) I save a $100, and the old serial number can go to oblivion.

I'm glad to here that you find it better than CS2, and that it "flies" on the Intel. That was what I was hoping to learn. (I was toying with the idea of getting a used G5) CS3 includes a better version of Acrobat, too, which I can use as well. Thanks.
OK Mr. Sunshine!
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Toronto
2008-07-24, 02:43

It's like night and day. I found CS2 to be brutally slow on my MBP, and CS3 to be nice and snappy. Yes, startup takes about 20 seconds, but who cares (except dmegatool )? One thing I love is that once I've booted it up, if I quit and re-launch it again it loads almost instantly. Maybe other programs do that too, but I think it's cool :grin: .

I have no idea about release dates and so forth, but I do find Adobe's pricing to be kind of ridiculous. I'm going to be using CS3 for a while...

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