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Screen resolution problems in Win2k3

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Screen resolution problems in Win2k3
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Captain Potatoman
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Saint Paul
2007-07-18, 20:27

I bought myself a cheap old server off of craigs list the other day, and installed a trial version of windows 2003 server to do some learning and experimenting with. The machine itself runs great, but the 19" monitor i picked up at microcenter today to use with it is pissing me off.

The display has a native resolution of 1440x900. The video card in the machine is an ATI rage 128 GL with 16mb of memory. Everythign ive read says that this card should be able to display up to 1920x1200, however, the highest resolution i can seem to get out of it is 1280x1024, resulting in a very annoying stretched image that hurts to look at for a while.

Ive hunted down Win 2003 server compatible drivers for the card and installed them, but had no luck. Installing the drivers for the monitor resulted in a max res of 1152x870, which is closer to the aspect ratio, but still distorted.

I know this isnt really the hangout for most PC geeks, but I have really got no where else to turn.

edit: btw, i tried the monitor on my powerbook, and it was able to display full resolution just fine.
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: Utrecht NL
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2007-07-19, 05:04


I'm not really up to speed with ATI drivers (having used nvidia for the last couple of years), but let me try and help.

Where are you trying to change the resolution? direct in display-properties, or in the ATI control panel?

In display-properties/advanced there is a checkbox next to the refresh-rate dropdown list that says "hides modes that this monitor does not support", is that unchecked? perhaps the ATI panel has the same sort of checkbox somewhere.

If all else fails you can download Powerstrip (shareware) to force a custom resolution.

hope this helps.
Captain Potatoman
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Saint Paul
2007-07-19, 05:45

*smacks forehead*
how the hell did i forget about powerstrip?
ill give that a try and let you know, thanks
Right Honourable Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Québec
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2007-07-19, 17:02

Heh. This actually helps me out with a different problem. When I try to use my external TFT in Vista for spanning or mirroring from my MacBook, it won't allow me to use the native resolution. Powerstrip is exactly what I need.
Captain Potatoman
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Saint Paul
2007-07-19, 20:51

well, powerstrip is a no-go. it appears that while the card can drive a display up to 1920x1200, 1440x900 is not supported
I guess i give another $25 to microcenter, unless anyone here has an old PC radeon 7000 they wanna get rid of
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