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For all you spider lovers...

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For all you spider lovers...
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2011-03-31, 09:46

From Geekosystem:

Here’s a delightful morning snack: When Pakistan experienced severe flooding last year, it had the unexpected and rather creepy-crawly side effect of driving millions upon millions of spiders to the trees, where they could escape the floodwater. Since the flooding lasted for such a long time, many trees became blanketed in thick layers of web.
More pictures in the article.

It's crazy. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before.

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2011-03-31, 10:21

We get caterpillars up here in the Northeast that do something similar:

Usually just a "tent" or two of web, but sometimes they take over the whole damn tree. Plus, they make a mess under the tree. It's disgusting.

EDIT: Sorry about the image size. Didn't realize it was that big.
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2011-03-31, 21:21

By far the best spider picture ever posted on this board... because there are no man-eating spiders in it.
And those caterpillar "web pods" are pretty much found everywhere other than in mountainous areas maybe. We had them in teh south where I grew up and also in teh Chicago area.

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