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"Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight" coming soon from Pokémon's creators

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"Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight" coming soon from Pokémon's creators
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Selfish Heathen
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2012-09-01, 16:02

It seems that "Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight" is starting to garner some attention from the game news outlets. This is an auto-scrolling rhythm game (omg so casual!), which is a dime-a-dozen premise today, but what may make this game different is the level of polish put into it by its makers. Harmo Knight is made by Game Freak, the name best known for launching the Pokémon empire.

There's a great 16-minute (!!) demo video on YouTube here:

Anyone here know much more about this new game? From what I've read, it's targeting an exclusive release next week in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, and there are no plans to release it in the US or anywhere else. I don't have a 3DS, so I guess I'm not the real target audience, but seems like a no-brainer for an English-localized release.

I just watched through that demo video, and although I was apprehensive at first that it was going to be too cutesy/kiddy when the rabbit came on screen, the rest of the video changed my mind. The first few levels seem a bit short, but maybe there are lots more levels later to make up for that. Some of the music is inspired a fair bit by Pokémon, especially that lava-cave level that starts around the 8:50 minute mark (is that actually the Pokémon battle theme, or just a very close imitation?).

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2012-12-27, 23:57

Now simply titled HarmoKnight, Game Freak's latest has been confirmed for a North American and European eShop release in Q1.

And yes, it's super cute. (And it does feature some Pokémon music.)
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2012-12-28, 15:53

ROBO! *glomps*
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