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Will a Radeon 7000 drive a 20 inch Cinema Display?

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Will a Radeon 7000 drive a 20 inch Cinema Display?
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2006-01-23, 11:04

Hi guys

I have cash at work available to buy a new monitor and I was thinking of a 20 inch Apple Cinema Display. The same as I have at home. But my work Mac is my precious old B&W G3 PowerMac (upgraded to 1.1 GHz, 1 gig RAM) which only has a Radeon 7000 graphics card.

I was kind of expecting it should be enough to drive a 20 inch ACD because for a short while I hooked-up a 20 inch ACD to crappy Dell POS with a Radeon 7000 at work and it worked (after a bit of persuasion).

However Apple say "ATI Radeon 7500 or better" for system requirements on the Apple web site. Is this just because they assume nobody would consider such a new display with such an old computer lacking at least AGP and therefore it's not worth their time to support? Do any of you guys know if my G3 PowerMac will work with a new 20 inch Cinema Display?

I guess if it doesn't work then I could use a spare Quicksilver G4 PowerMac which has a Radeon 9800, but I would really rather continue to use my good friend the B&W!

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