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What did you cook today? (share pics of your cooking!)

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What did you cook today? (share pics of your cooking!)
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Join Date: May 2004
Location: London
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2009-04-01, 18:25

When I travel and interact with peoples of different culture, I often bond with them over food.
When I make new friends, I often bond with them over food.
We can learn more about each other by learning about what we eat.
When I read funny posts on this forum, I often wonder what the poster ate for dinner that day.

The post a pic of your camera thread was a total success. Surely this thread will be popular because everyone has to eat.

I made this tonight (this is in fact a pic of the thing I made - apparently some people thought it was a stock photo and I stuck my name on it). It's a French dish called floating islands. Basically, it's vanilla flavored marshmallow like merengues floating on an almond flavored English custard dripped with hard crunchy caramel. The merengues melt in your mouth as the custard takes over with its aroma, and...crunch crunch as you chew the caramel, everything mixes together to form a completely new flavor. Everything French is pretentious.

Note: Apparently some people are scared to try this dish. I once cooked it for these Virginia Firefighters, and only two people tried it. I was fairly offended, because the main cook that day got a standing ovation for his chicken burgers and freedom fries.

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2009-04-01, 18:56

Today I made...a sandwich. It was just as good as the identical sandwich I made yesterday.

Has anyone here tried Franz "BIG" bread? I think it's a NW (US) thing. Anyway, unlike any other loaf of bread I have ever seen in my life, it's divided into...21 slices. An odd number of slices! That makes no sense, because I always make an even number of toast (for sandwiches or whatever). So when I run out of bread, I really have one slice left. But I paid good money for that slice and I don't want to waste it, so I have to by another loaf of Franz "BIG" bread. It's a conspiracy. For the obsessive compulsive, anyway

If you're wondering why I don't just make my own bread and cut it into as many slices as I want, the answer is because, to paraphrase Nixon, I am not a cook. I don't engage in cookery, or do other such cooking-related things. I do bake things. I can bake cookies and cakes and pie and little bars. But the extend of my baking knowledge is limited to, how should we say, desserts.

This is largely due to the fact that I can't prepare anything with meat in it, which rules out most American main courses. I can eat meat, if I don't have to think about it (if I do think about it, perhaps due to a rude grandfather helpfully pointing it out to illustrate my weak will, I feel quite nauseous). But actually preparing meat, and touching or even seeing it raw, simply makes me feel intensely sad, and guilty, and I then prepare desserts, to cheer myself up. So I've become much more adept at desserts than main courses.

@stevegong: I would certainly try that! It looks delicious. I don't think Virginia Firefighters are particularly known for their culinary taste, so I wouldn't take it too personally.

and i guess i've known it all along / the truth is, you have to be soft to be strong
Antimatter Man
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2009-04-01, 19:02

Originally Posted by stevegong View Post

Everything French is pretentious.
La Marseillaise wins.

Although... the full original lyrics

Last edited by curiousuburb : 2009-04-01 at 19:36. Reason: better quality Casablanca, wiki 2nd opinion ;)
Join Date: May 2004
Location: London
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2009-04-01, 19:02

Your sandwich sounds delicious...if only you had a pic.

21 is indeed should just take the last slice, fold it in half, and call that your sandwich.

Or, if you were really hungry, you could make a tri-sandwich.
Hates the Infotainment
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Location: NSA Archives
2009-04-01, 19:30

Was in a rush at lunch... made a peanutbutter bagel and my damned dog snatched it off the counter when I wasn't looking and ate half of it. I then proceeded to throw the rest in the trash and went back to work. Now I dream of left-over pasta from two nights ago. Mmmm. Gourmet.

Frickin dogs... if she wasn't so damn cute I'd punt her across the back yard.

...into the light of a dark black night.
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Purgatory.
2009-04-01, 19:37

I had some leftover ponchitos (kind of a broiled nachos with enchilada sauce) from Monday, so I chopped them up and put them inside an omelet. Topped it with sour cream and fresh salsa, and baked some tater-tots to put on the side.

Holy gut-bomb. But super tasty!

So it goes.
Rocket Surgeon
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Location: The Canadark
2009-04-01, 19:55

No photo because I ate all of it, but I made Pepper and Mushroom Risotto last night, and it was awesome. The secret is frankly ill-advised quantities of parmesan cheese folded in after cooking and being left to "rest" for 5 minutes.

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2009-04-01, 21:09


Turns out 11:00 on the oven timer is 11 hours, not 11 minutes.

And yes, that's a pizza. Or WAS a pizza, now it's charcoal.
M AH - ch ain saw
Join Date: May 2004
2009-04-01, 21:38

I thought it was closeup of hamburger.
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Minnesota
2009-04-01, 22:00

This morning I made spam & eggs with toast.

I'm particularly proud of the improvised Pasta Puttanesca I made last week, though... I didn't have much in the way of seasonings for my pasta sauce (just chopped up tomatoes simmering in a pan with olive oil, salt, and pepper), so I added some Sriracha hot sauce and BOOM! Instant spicy pasta sauce. Delicious and super easy!

Sriracha is probably my favorite thing now. I put it on everything. Even non-Asian food.
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2009-04-01, 22:07

Sriracha is a dock area just down the road from Bangkok.
Interesting. I must check if the sauce actually hails from there.
They do have a very famous instant noodle factory there too.

EDIT : Seems it's actually from China so it must just be a coincidence.

EDIT 2 :

Sriracha (sree-RAH-cha) used to only be found tableside at Thai or Vietnamese restaurants, but now this sweet and spicy sauce has found fans who are using it to flavor and intensify other dishes, whether everyday or gourmet.
Hmm. Perhaps it is from here after all...

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2009-04-02, 06:08

They say taking pictures of your food is a good way to lose weight.
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Location: Ottawa, ON
2012-05-29, 18:35

Chicken cacciatore. No pics. I never made it before, but I am in the middle of doing it now. It smells so good. There are few things more relaxing and satisfying than cooking.

Well, I can think of one, but they are related. Put men back in the kitchen where they belong! Let women find interesting ways to reward them.

When there's an eel in the lake that's as long as a snake that's a moray.
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Canada
2012-06-01, 14:32

These pics are brutal, taken with my iPhone. We had these for breakfast the other day. Corn tortillas with taco seasoned ground beef, scrambled eggs made with cream and butter, salsa, sour cream, banana peppers, and Frank's Hot Sauce. Look kind of sloppy but they were yummay.
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Fishhead Family Reunited
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2012-06-02, 13:41

Sorry, no pics at the moment... but a week ago, I led a team of 3 people that cooked a Memorial Day Party meal for around 35 people.

New Orleans food, of course:

Hot Roast Beef Po-Boys with Debris Gravy
Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya
Red Beans and Rice with Sausage and Ham Hocks
Spicy Corn and Potatoes
Banana Bread Pudding with Rum Caramel Sauce

It was a competition with 5 other meal teams, and we won.
M AH - ch ain saw
Join Date: May 2004
2012-06-02, 17:51

Veteran Member
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Ottawa, ON
2012-06-02, 18:52

Congrats. That does sound good.

Murbot's tortillas look 'over the top', but good too.
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