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Fellow developers: Show me your apps!

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Fellow developers: Show me your apps!
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Veteran Member
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Near Indianapolis
2012-08-22, 21:29

I know there are several people here who have developed apps for iOS or OS X, and I thought it was about time for us to have a place to talk about our work. Of course, I'll get us started.

FC Mobile (iOS, Free): Developed for my day job (did I just blow my cover?). Gives students and employees quick, easy access to campus information from iOS devices. Guests can access some basic campus info as well.

The most interesting part of this one was building a mechanism to allow Active Directory authentication from within the app. I can't reveal any of the implementation details here, but it did turn out really well.

Procfire (iOS, $1.99): My first commercial product. Procfire gives SQL Server developers and users a simple graphical interface to run stored procedures, along with the ability to mark procedures as favorites for quick and easy access. It's especially useful for non-developers to get data entry or retrieval out of SQL Server. If you want to try it, let me know so I can get you a promo code.

Queryfire (iOS, Free): My second app released under my name. Queryfire lets SQL Server developers write and run queries directly from iOS devices. If you can write it, you can run it. This one was sort of a two-layer concept. First, it's a free way for potential buyers of Procfire to try out the web service they both use without paying anything up front. Second, it's a promotional vehicle for Procfire, with a built-in ad on the server connection screen.

So, who else here is a published Mac or iOS developer?
Formerly CoachKrzyzewski
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Location: Charlottesville, VA
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2012-08-23, 00:02

*rolls up sleeves*

Alright, my time to shine. Actually first time I've put it all in a list like this.

Note Submit'R
Only app released under my own name, was also my first. A friend I regularly played basketball wanted a simple app for his business, I was teaching myself iOS programming while in school at the time, so I got my first client. It's truly an awful app in just about every way, but hey, it's my first!

iOS wrapper for a web app built for a school district outside of Dallas (funny because i made this while in Virginia, but am now actually in Dallas... fun to meet someone who's actually used the app). Made this one while interning at a Mobile Development shop in VA.

Interstate Sportsman Radio
Client app for a radio show targeted towards commercial truck drivers. Not really much to it, but was my first app as a full time developer after school (for the same company I interned for)

Interested in a condo on the east coast? This app's for you. Client iPad app for finding information on their various properties. Worked with a solid team to get it done.

The Verge
App for the Verge. Almost didn't include this one, but for completeness I might as well. I only worked on this for about 3 weeks before switching jobs, and the section of the app I completed had some serious modifications between when I worked on it and its release. Oh well.

Washington Post Politics
First app at a new mobile development shop after moving to Dallas, worked with a pretty big team to get it done in a short amount of time, and we've actually been constantly working on it adding features since its initial release in Feb/March (can't remember now). If you follow politics, it's actually a pretty cool app (not just my biased opinion).

My most recent app, came out last week! (by "my" I mean my team... the kind of apps we do at my current job really necessitate at least 2-3 iOS devs plus art/strategy, QA, PM...). Basically this app lets you keep up-to-date on the WWE Universe through tons of media content. iPad and iPhone.

So yeah, I've had a pretty good run in the last 2 years. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's! Currently still doing work for WWE (bug fixes and moving into a 2.0 build... but that's about all I should say), but on the side I'm working on a client app for and I'll definitely let you all know when that's done! Something to be said about working for a mobile shop rather than on my own is that I've gotten to work on some pretty big-name projects/clients, which is a ton of fun.

EDIT: need to credit my companies...
#2-5 were done at WillowTree Apps
Last two at Bottle Rocket Apps

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Veteran Member
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Promise Land of Trustafarians
2012-08-23, 00:57

I'm not an iOS or Mac developer but I do have one web project I was proud to work on in my last job:

VetSEA. Veteran Self-Employment Accelerator. I was on the three-man programming team that put this together though probably 75% of the code was written by my boss before I started. It's a pretty cool project that's geared towards helping veterans, especially those returning from service abroad, launch their own companies. Our contribution was the web platform which acts as a "hub" for vets, business coaches and mentors, investors, educational resources and so forth.
Veteran Member
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Near Indianapolis
2012-08-23, 06:56

Wow, evan, you've worked on a pretty wide range of stuff. Some very cool apps in there, for sure.

And Ryan, your project sounds like an amazing resource.
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Southern Ontario
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2013-07-20, 10:07

My contribution:

Sportsgoer - Free - Just a cool roadtrip tool. Tells you who's in town when you're visiting a city. NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NFL are all covered.
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