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iPod - disk space option

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iPod - disk space option
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New Member
Join Date: May 2005
2005-05-28, 07:37


Every few weeks or so, I create a backup of my files and put them onto my iPod to keep safe incase my computer (Win XP) crashes. However, now there is a problem - my iPod's capacity is 20Gb, only about 2Gb of that is full with songs at the moment. I tried transferring a 5Gb zipped backup file to the iPod, and it said there wasn't enough room.
I have the option for my iPod 'Enable Disk Use' set to yes. Now, I remember this option to allocate only a certain amount of space on the iPod for disk use - maybe that is set too low - however, I can't seem to find this option anymore, I have looked everywhere.

If anyone could help me relocate this option, I would be greatful.

Thank you.
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Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Washington, DC
2005-05-28, 11:47

You'll have the option of setting available disk space with an iPod shuffle, but the regular iPods behave like any other hard disk.

How much space is really being used? What other files are on it?

I got my first iPod as an open-box special from Best Buy. Everything was fine, except that it had four H-U-G-E files that took up almost the entire 40 gigs. I used the Restore option of the iPod Updater utility to wipe everything out and start with a fresh disk.

If it's no big deal to do so, you might as well use that Restore option.
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
2005-05-28, 12:04

I have a hypothesis as to what might be happening.

I'm not familiar with the file system on the iPod, but some file systems don't like to store files that are larger than 2 Gigabytes.

What you might want to try is to split your backup zip file into several smaller files, and see if that helps.
New Member
Join Date: May 2005
2005-05-29, 00:38

I haven't been able to try backing it up again. My Win XP computer crashed (needs a new hard drive, again!) for the third time in one year since I've had it (since new), but I won't go into that. Makes me want a Mac more and more each day, just have to come up with the money.
Join Date: May 2004
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2005-05-29, 10:00

sounds like a typical windows error message to me...

The inner brain of windows:

"Dum-di-dum... Yeah, I know you clicked the button but I have a quota of wasted clock cycles to maintain!"

a bit later...

"OK, I'm copying your file.... "

"Still copying..."

"I wonder what good old master bill is having for dinner..."

"... dum-di-dum ..."

"I am sure I had something to do..."

"Oh shit, I was copying something - now, what was it..."

"Damn, don't wanna look foolish, lets blame something else..."

!! Error, not enough room !!

OK, I have given up keeping this sig up to date. Lets just say I'm the guy that installs every latest version as soon as its available!
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