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G5 Wont Respond after 6 minutes

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G5 Wont Respond after 6 minutes
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Join Date: Sep 2005
2005-09-11, 18:09

I have a Power Mac G5 2.3 Ghz with the standard 512mb, running OSX Tiger.

Usually when I click on any application or want use the computer it responds right away with no lag time. If I let the computer sit for 6 minutes or longer and try to run an application it takes anywhere from 5-15 secs to respond before doing anything then you hear the drive click and it proceed to do what it should. Also if I was on the net and wait 6 miuntes of longer and go to close a window the same thing occurs. Unacceptable.

I have gone to systems pref, unclicked "put drive asleep when possible" turn the other power saving setting to 1 hr plus and nothing. It is almost like the drive is falling asleep and waking up.....

This is my 2nd G5 in 3 months, first one crashed all the time out of the box, they gave me a new they are saying if this one passes all the hardware tests (which in my book doesn;t mean much) tough luck! I have been told to several people this is not normal, I have tried to get my buddies powerbook running the same OS to do the say and it doesn't. I have tried this at the store on the other G5's they don't do it.

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2005-09-11, 21:18

Check the SMART Status of your HDD. That clicking you hear might be your drive failing...especially with wait times like that.
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2005-09-12, 00:35

I would check activity monitor to see if anything is sapping up your CPU power. Check your used memory and free disk space for something strange too.
Join Date: Sep 2005
2005-09-12, 13:18

Originally Posted by DMBand0026
Check the SMART Status of your HDD. That clicking you hear might be your drive failing...especially with wait times like that.

Hey I am new to Mac so if you could explain "SMART Status" that would be great. Appreciate the response.
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2005-09-12, 13:22

Open Disk Utility.

Select your drive in the list on the left.

Down at the bottom of the window you'll see: S.M.A.R.T. Status: and then a word. Report back to us with what the word is.
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Join Date: Sep 2005
2005-09-15, 01:25

Oh okay, I new that, just wasn't aware of the name.

Good news guys, finally found a Tech who did me right. Nate. He says all that he*did was "zero out the drive and re-install the OS". I find that strange b/c I don't see the difference in writing 1's and 0's or just 0's. But all I can tell you is this things performances seems to have doubled, at least. I mean it is a night and day difference, not to mention the problem I was having is resovled.

Unreal. I am very happy.
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