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MBP C2D Dent Please Help I Have Know Idea What to Do!!

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MBP C2D Dent Please Help I Have Know Idea What to Do!!
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Join Date: Jun 2006
2006-11-20, 22:53

Ok first post and not entirely sure what to say, so go easy on me because i really need some help on this one.
First of all, my machine is a 15" MBP with the new C2D processor, which i purchased on Oct. 27, 2006. Today, when looking at the back of my MBP, i noticed there is a dent in the bottom case, noticeable, about the circumference of a dime. The dent has hardly any depth, but like i said, it's noticeable. It is not in any way affecting the performance of the MBP.

So what should i do? I can think of three options, and here's what i've discovered concerning each possible route.....
(for those of you saying to yourselves "why does he care if the performance isn't altered" you clearly are underestimating how much my MBP means to me and how insane this dent would cause me to be)

1) Attempt to purchase applecare and submit for repair (no i do not have applecare currently) - called to speak about the scope of the warranty under applecare and was told cosmetic damage isn't covered.

2) Attempt to return to the store i purchased it from - don't think this would fly well.......

3) Attempt to buy one of those dent remover kits and gently attempt to suction the dent out - possible, but seems possible i could cause more damage

4) Attempt to open the bottom case and pop it out myself - same as 3...... can you even remove the bottom case on a MBP, or would i have to go in through the top (and wouldn't this void the warranty?)

Honestly guys, i'm just a bit freaked out about all of this, it seems like i've treated this computer with the utmost care, and yet i just happen to glance down and there is dent. I have no idea where to start, but the fact that the dent is there is driving me insane (to the point where i want to do whatever i can to fix this).

I didn't see the opportunity to attach a pic with this post, but if anyone feels they need to see the dent, send me an email to and i'll shoot you the pics.....

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.........

if you don't know anything about getting dents out, the question for you is, can you remove the bottom case of a C2D MBP or do you have to go from the top and lift up whatever is over the dent to pop it out?
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Location: Boston, MA
2006-11-20, 23:29

Simply take it to the nearest Apple Store or Certified Apple Repair place. I live in a college town and some people working under the old football stadium happen to be certified to fix problem for Apple. You are definitely still under warranty, every computer comes with a 90 day thing.

I'd give Apple a call and see what they can do for you. It should be free of charge. Apple is good about fixing problems like these..

Don't try 3 and definitely not 4, and number 2 isn't worth it. Give Apple a ring.
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2006-11-21, 00:20

Originally Posted by World Leader Pretend View Post
You are definitely still under warranty, every computer comes with a 90 day thing.
Indeed. It's a warranty, not an insurance policy.

Apple's warranty doesn't cover damage (like this) that is caused by accidents. You can try to get them to cover it, but I wouldn't keep my hopes up.

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2006-11-21, 00:37

I have a big dent in the front of my Powerbook that looks like it was done with a ball peen hammer. I have no sure idea how it happened... possibly by the hinge of my car's trunk.

While I have Apple Care I had no thoughts of taking it in because I just knew that it would be denied for repair under warranty. As terrible as it looks, the machine works just fine and I quickly learned to consider it "theft protection" since the machine looks really busted.

You won't go crazy because of the ding.

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