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iPhone MagSafe Storage Module

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iPhone MagSafe Storage Module
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Space Pirate
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Atlanta
2021-10-02, 09:24

I read a speculative article that the iPhone 14 Pro Max may receive a bump to 2TB of storage next year. Given the size of files produced by the best quality video setting even THAT seems puny.

So I'm wondering how Apple might remedy the limits of its built-in storage, if they expect these devices to actually be taken seriously for production.

There's still the lightning cable (or is there?) to serve as a hard-line data path, but is it fast enough?

Then there's the idea of a magnetically attached external storage unit (that is somehow unaffected by the magnetic connection).

Do you think external storage could ever become a real thing for the iPhone, and if so, how might it work?

Mr. Vieira
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Tennessee
2021-10-02, 09:35

Maybe some sort of small SSD module that connects to the bottom via USB-C (or do the pro iPhones have Lightning?). Can't imagine it being wireless, at least not on the next several go-arounds. But I also don't know anything about such things, so who am I to say?

But I could see a little thing that sticks into the bottom of an iPhone. Maybe those already exist, I don't know.

I know the iPhone (the Pro for sure) can film things - commercials, presentation videos, short films - but I figure anyone doing so on the serious is also probably toting around a Mac of some sort for all the editing/post-production work (with 4GB hard drives and/or connected external storage). Apple may take the approach of "anyone using our phones for serious filming work should be savvy enough to realize it's probably not practical/feasible for it to be a one-device endeavor" and will happily sell them a MacBook Pro to help put it all together?

I imagine all the footage shot for anything serious/real is going to be offloaded anyway, if only for backup. So I don't think Apple is looking at their iPhone being the end-all/be-all of hardcore, serious filmmaking, but just one part of it (the camera/capturing part).

But, yeah...Apple or any number of third-party outfits could probably sell external storage that plugs into the lightning/USB-C port to add external, removable storage to an iOS device.
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