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Ghostbusters: Afterlife

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife
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Mr. Katan
Join Date: May 2004
2020-03-31, 13:02

They should just do the instant home release thing. If we're all still trapped in our houses come July, that would be better - and more appreciated - than pushing out the theatrical release to some unknown, unspecified time. Hell, the days of going to the multiplex may be over as we know it. Or at least for the foreseeable future. Even if this stuff peaked next week (I'm just using an arbitrary example/timeframe, I know that's not likely) and things started to turn around and look good, I don't wanna be around a bunch of strangers in a closed space - plane, movie theater, pub, hockey arena, etc. - for a good while anyway...months, at least.

If the studios were smart with the pricing and availability - and that's a huge "if" - they could rack up as much, if not more, beaming these new releases into homes in the coming weeks/months to folks who are bored silly than they could probably ever make in a 2020 multiplex release. Bored families trapped at home (who haven't yet started divorce/emancipation proceedings) would probably pay for something to watch that they normally might not see themselves going to the theater for? Boredom/isolation does crazy things and makes shitty, throwaway fare you'd normally never give a second thought to suddenly look like Citizen Kane.

"Scooby-Doo and the Mystery of the Twerking Air Traffic Controllers?! Hell yeah, fire it up!"

This whole thing, even after it winds down and goes away(?) might forever change how Hollywood goes about releasing movies. I love the idea of being able to skip the theater completely and enjoy my popcorn, paused pee breaks, etc. to watch new, first-run releases on my TV, from my couch if the mood/desire hit.
Lord of the Rant.
Formerly turtle2472
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Upstate South Carolina
2021-01-26, 09:56

Finally some news about this film! I'm been waiting for SOMETHING... and it isn't amazing, just a hint:
During a recent interview with Living Fearless, Ernie Hudson appeared to hint that Rick Moranis will reprise his role as Louis Tully in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.
Originally Posted by Ernie
I think the studios probably want to hold that one… I love Rick. But yeah, I’ll let them share that.
Given Rick went into hiding for so long it would be cool to see him on the screen again.

Louis L'Amour, “To make democracy work, we must be a notion of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain.”
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Lord of the Rant.
Formerly turtle2472
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Upstate South Carolina
2021-04-07, 12:14

New trailer is pretty cool! I should try to find it on YouTube though.

Edit: YouTube link instead of Twitter

Last edited by turtle : 2021-04-07 at 12:29.
Lord of the Rant.
Formerly turtle2472
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Upstate South Carolina
2021-04-23, 08:43

Bill Murray approves!
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