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Best Macbook Pro Under $1300

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Best Macbook Pro Under $1300
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2018-06-05, 08:45

Hello dear Mac enthusiasts!

I'm looking to purchase MacBook Pro in a budget around $1300, with best Performance/price ratio.

So the question is - purchase the cheapest version of Macbook Pro 13" 2017, (MPXQ2) without touch bar and with 128gb SSD;

Or MB Pro 2016 with touch bar and 256 SSD (MLH12) ?
I don't have experience with touchbar, so interested in your feedbacks is it worth it to choose MB with it.

Any other suggestions also will be accepted
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2018-06-05, 13:09

Check the refurb section on Apple's website. You may be able to get something a little more than you expected.

Options change all of the time, but definitely a good place to buy something if your'e looking to save some money.
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2018-06-06, 13:15

I am neutral about the Touch Bar. Hardly ever use it even then it might be more convenient than the multiple click steps I would end up doing. See harder to move my hand up and touch a smooth surface in the right spot rather than leave my hands where they are and use the trackpad.

When I do use the Touch Bar it is really convenient though. Certainly better than static keys that it replaced.

I love the MBP though and would certainly recommend it with which ever version you go for. It does seem that the newer you can buy the longer it will last you, but I don't know the chipsets in these or if that is relevant between the models.

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