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RC car w/ video - Arduino?

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RC car w/ video - Arduino?
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2021-01-17, 23:02

Heya, looking for an inexpensive (ha) solution for a remote camera for crawlspace inspection, and if small enough, for HVAC duct inspection as well.

I've had good success using a fiber optic endoscope with my iPhone for looking inside walls and saved myself a ton on plumbers and electricians. My next major project involves HVAC rework, and our crawlspace is... bad. As in, it's the bare minimum of 26" high, and whoever installed the HVAC was certifiably insane. It is literally not possible to get from the single hatch to the crawlspace to 80% of it. You're simply blocked.

But, a small RC car could get through it.

So, what I'm looking for is a remote controllable small (<5" wide/high) vehicle to navigate the space, and host a remote camera. I would prefer not to have WiFi/Bluetooth control, because that may not be strong enough to penetrate the floor, etc, but a true RC unit with a several hundred foot range should do the trick. Video over WiFi would be acceptable, since if it's crappy that's ok. More worried about being able to drive the sucker out if it loses a WiFi connection, and the distances involved (80' or so in best case) make BT unworkable.

Battery life doesn't have to be long and it doesn't have to be fast. Traction over speed, definitely. Also, one that is 'non-tippable' would be the best. Tank treads are fine, but I'm thinking something more like the kids' toys that have the chassis in line with the axles, such that if it flips over, it just keeps going.

Pan/tilt/zoom on the camera would be *so* nice, but given the above constraint, a bit harder to do. (Would have to do with a gimbaled cam mount, instead of a rotating pan base and tilt arm. That's easy enough.)

Anywho. Anyone know of such a beast? Pre-existing but not too expensive is good, Arduino/Raspberry Pi parts list is fine, but I'm thinking a combo is likely to be needed - RC platform + custom bits. Soldering iron is at the ready.

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2021-01-17, 23:36

Strap a GoPro to an RC car with duct tape?
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2021-01-18, 07:51

I got nothing but want in on this thread.

My only contribution is STRING.

Tie a string to it in case you need to pull it back out.

But you knew that.

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2021-01-18, 09:38

I feel like this is the the start of a technology themed "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly" story.

"...So now I need a remote controlled Mech to go and pick up the remote controlled Crane that I sent in the retrieve the remote controlled Car..."
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2021-01-18, 18:27

Well.... if you have a Switch you could get Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit!

I have made a camera (wifi) with a RaspPi kit but that would be about $80 for the Pi and camera module. Then you'd need to add a battery pack to the weight of the whole package. I'm guessing there are $40 RC cars with cameras on Amazon that you could get for what you're after. Strap a flashlight to it if the camera can't handle low light and you're good to go.

Edit: like this one

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