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Interesting solution to space issues for TV Shows on an iPod

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Interesting solution to space issues for TV Shows on an iPod
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2006-10-17, 15:42

I've figured out an interesting way how to manage TV Shows on an iPod. I have a 60GB one and have recently bought seasons 1 & 2 of Battlestar Galactica (which comes to 15GB of video). So I went over my limit due to 20GB of music, "Lost", "Invader Zim", "Studio 60", etc.

Here's the core issue: I wanted to keep every 'Zim' show on my iPod, but I'd be okay if I only kept the most recent "Lost" episodes from Season 3. I can't choose, "Keep only the most recent episodes" because there are some TV Shows (such as 'Zim') that I want on my iPod at all times, not just the most recent episodes. I can't just say "Sync 'Zim' and not 'Lost'" because I do want the most recent "Lost" episodes. See my dilemma?

So, I made a non-smart playlist called "TV Shows to iPod" and manually put the TV Shows in there that I want on my iPod at all times. I put 'Zim' in there along with some other stuff.

Then I created a smart playlist called "Smart TV Shows to iPod" that had the following rules:
- Find All of the following:
- Video Kind: TV Shows
- Only Top 10 choosen by most recently added

So, that created a smart playlist of the most recent TV Shows, which I want on my iPod. If I downloaded a new "Studio 60" episode, it'd automatically appear in there. You could make the rules by "never played" so it's really just the episoes you've never watched. But this is the way I did it.

Then I created a smart playlist called "MASTER TV Shows I want on my iPod" that had 2 rules:
- Find any of the folllowing:
- All files in "TV Shows to iPod"
- All files in "Smart TV Shows to iPod"

Then, in my iPod settings, under TV Shows, I set it to sync only the shows in the playlist "MASTER TV Shows I want on my iPod". So I have the shows that I always want on my iPod, such as "Invader Zim" that I put in "TV Shows to iPod", but I also automatically have the most recent TV Shows such as "Studio 60" that automatically got put in "Smart TV Shows to iPod".

I thought this was a very elegant solution and thought I'd share.
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2006-10-17, 16:32

Cool tip. Thanks for posting it.

I might do something like that for some of my videos.
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2006-10-18, 09:13

That is a GREAT tip. I was just thinking about this topic yesterday. Haven't run out of space yet but might soon due to my iTunes addiction (Seasons 1, 2, and the beginning of 3 of Lost are beckoning my wallet).

I'll definitely use the trick above the give me some more fliexibility in managing the videos on my iPod. Thanks!

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