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Residential Solar Panels

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Residential Solar Panels
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2021-09-23, 09:30

Yeah, those parts are the harder ones to calculate out. I think we assume a surge load of 3x normal consumption when starting up and running but that is a fridge and such. For heavy long loads it is different. The clothes drier, the heat pump when active, the oven etc... those are surely to chew threw the power.

Heck, things I'm working through are still things like how much power am I consuming when my kids leave the lights on in a given room. If we go fully off-grid that will become a big deal. I thought water hours on a ship sucked, imagine power hours in the house!
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2021-09-23, 16:21

imagine power hours in the house
That reminds me of a colleague. He's a palestinian. Some years ago, he went with his family on vacation to the Gaza strip so his children could meet their grand parants. Unfortunately, his visit had a bad timing, and they couldn't get out for many months. In Gaza, they have a power shortage, so each part of the area just has 8 hours of electricity, then 8 hours without... So he sometimes had to go to another part of the town to get a connection for working...

Regarding the power consumption:
This is just our consumption graph on a random day last winter as an example:

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