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MacBook Air (2020)

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MacBook Air (2020)
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Mr. Katan
Join Date: May 2004
2021-05-18, 18:06

I’ve been saying/asking that for a while. They just went nuts on the tower.

Sure, provide the expensive, overkill tower. But what happened to that $2,000-$3,500 segment they always swam in and provided for.
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2021-05-18, 19:24

That segment got a lot, lot smaller over the past 20 years, especially if you filter out gamers, who don’t overlap with Mac users.
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Formerly turtle2472
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2021-05-19, 09:31

Only because Apple pushed us to the MBP as our "desktop". I mean, that is what I'm doing, but I had to buy a dock, monitors, dongles for my dongles...

I would have easily bought a $3000 desktop if it could do what a $3000 PC desktop could do but running macOS. I'm really tired of fighting Hackintosh bugs/issues too. I have one still running as a headless server right now but that is it.

I'm really hoping they have an Air that is perfect for my kids as they get to where they need a laptop. Right now all my kids operate off of the iPads they bought with their own hard earned cash. You know, they take great care of them.

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