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Anyone ever build a house or have you house built new?

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Anyone ever build a house or have you house built new?
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2020-09-23, 09:06

I don't think this particular tree has much value to a commercial operation, but it might just furnish some cool project wood for me to use. I'm not an expert, but the boughs seem unusually long and straight. I think the previous owner might have planted this from municipal street furniture stock, so it's still a baby, about 40 years more or less.

The city used to require builders to plant one boulevard tree per lot and certain planting/landscape features at corners, mid-block connectors, turning circles, etc. This was mostly 8 ft young maple and ash, and some oak and other trees, and then a lot of different evergreen types on the mass plantings around parks, parkways, berms... The previous owner was quite a scavenger - he worked on construction sites. As I tore things up/out, I've found a lot of evidence around the home in the last few years of materials scavenged from various job sites, which my chatty neighbor confirms... tiles, insulation, lumber, railway ties, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets marked for another home on another street in the neighborhood, even a circular red oak staircase! They used to share the riches I think... I any case the tree's grown a little weird I think in part because he tried to train it not to get too high and the tree didn't cooperate. The canopy is too wide and the boughs too heavy. The crotch wood might be nice though, if I can mill planks to go right through it.

For this year I'm going to take off the three boughs that shoot out almost perpendicular, and see if the thing keeps growing without taking out my fences and lower roof.

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2020-09-23, 10:42

My mom had a tree like that in her yard. She trimmed it like a bush and was annoyed it tried to grow so much. Then one day a friend came over who does tree work and asked her why she's keeping the tree so squat. She finally let it grow and it looked great once she did. I forgot what kind of tree it was. This happened decades ago.

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